Sunday, September 29, 2013

English Cream Golden Retrievers, what's different about them?

English Cream Golden Retriever Portraits
What's different about English Cream Golden Retrievers?  Mostly their color!  But there are differences, as I learned when I was honored to draw these brothers' portrait. 

They are actually the oldest bloodline for goldens, and their eyes are a bit rounder and darker.  They also statistically have a lower rate of being struck with cancer.  The reasoning is that they are more carefully bred.  I have a feeling this is why these guys were chosen, since their owner's last dog, died.  I did his portrait just before he lost his battle.
But it's the color!  I really thought there was something wrong with the color, until "mom" told me they were English Creams!  Rather than lots of gold, oranges and yellows that I usually use, I needed to pull out the pinks, lavenders and pinks in addition to some warmer tones!  They also tend to be a little fluffier.

Now, I have a friend with Goldens and she literally took fur with her to pick out carpet colors.  And she is a clean freak, but you know they do leave their beautiful hair around for us to pick up!  If she gets English Creams, she'll have a whole new palette to work on in her bedroom! 

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