Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Otto - Saying Goodbye

Otto turned 12 and a half on July 14.  We picked Valentine's Day as his birthday, knowing it was about when, but not knowing exactly.  Early this year, he began having seizures, a sign that he very likely had a cancerous brain tumor.  No cure, and any treatment was guaranteed to make his last months miserable.

He's had a great time since then, and has been healthy and active until a few weeks ago.

The past week, tests have confirmed that it's traveled to his lungs, and every day he is declining.  My next post will be a tribute to this very special dog, but in the meantime, I'm just staying by his side and making his remaining days as good as they can be for him.  My next portrait will be done without his head on my lap, and that really makes me sad.  I feel like he's been my partner through my whole art career.  He's definitely been my inspiration.  Robin


Jennifer Rose said...

:( so sorry to read :( its so hard to lose a pet :(

Robin said...