Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little bit of this, little bit of that - Portraits and Animal art

Last night I finished up a kitty memorial commission...almost.  I have just a LITTLE tiny more to do but had to let the piece rest to be able to add that tiny extra touch.  I am finding the combination of brands of colored pencils really works nicely with my style, which I think of as realistic with a splash of impressionism!  Or is it "robin-ism"?  I just do what I feel like!

Next on tap is a double dog portrait.  I'll be doing a thumbnail sketch first since I'm making modifications to the almost perfect photo that will be the base of this portrait.  Really helps to see if there's a composition problem before I commit to the large size.

Another cool thing coming up for me is that my art will be featured on a Philadelphia dog site!  I am doing a small piece of a puppy in the park for a raffle for this relatively new site.  Helps us both out.  I'll let you know the site once I'm on there and if you want, you can try for the free piece!

Yesterday Otto and I spent a ton of time outdoors and will be today too.  Just can't let these gorgeous sunny days go by without being there.  We've had so much rain that it makes you really appreciate when it's dry.  I've been shredding leaves and putting them in the old veggie garden which is penned to keep the rabbits out to become leaf mold.  Next year it won't be the garden's gotten too dark, the trees we've planted are getting nice and shady and so I'll have to dig a new one out in a more sunshiney spot!

I've been REALLY fortunate that I've made some new internet friends who are trying to help me out by posting my links on their sites, passing out my cards, tweeting about my work, etc.  I'll be doing a whole post about them soon.  Oh..and I'm secretly doing another child's portrait!  So that's the little bit of this and little bit of that I'm up to!  Thanks so much for visiting with me (too bad we can't just sit down together for a cup of tea!) 

Thanks again for visiting my blog.  I'm animal and childrens portrait artist, Robin Zebley.  I'd love to work with you to create the portrait of your dreams!  My email is HERE.


José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Hi Robin,

It's nice to know that things are going smooth.
Dedication does pay its dividends.
Say, I wasn't expecting to arrive to your blog now, I clicked on a link from Jason's blog and here I am :-)

Take care,


Robin said...

Great to see you Jose, however you arrive!