Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Florida - the Space Shuttle launch, alligators and art

I'm a little out of the loop, I've been visiting my dad in Okeechobee Florida.  I came down with my son who's at Cocoa Beach, and he dropped me off at my Dad's after some really fun times with our family in Ft. Laurderdale.  We watched the launch on t.v. then ran out to the backyard to see it in real life.  Unfortunately, those big puffy Florida clouds blocked the view.  Still exciting that my son had a part in preparing things for the International Space Station!  (That's about all THIS artist understands about it!)

My stepsister and her daughter are also visiting so we took a day trip today and drove around.  Okeechobee is so cool, so "old Florida" still, with natural looking vistas against that blue sky.  We did our best to spot some gators but like the space shuttle launch, they kept hidden from our view.

I did get some awesome shots of big ole birds at the "intersection" of Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River.

But being here reawakens a wish I've had for a while to be able to spend even more time here in Florida, which is where I grew up.  Maybe I can do some art shows?  That would sure be fun!  But for now, I am working on Christmas, with lots of commissions and room for a few more orders, if I am diligent about working once I get home.  If I'm a good girl, I might even be able to get more than a few in.  It's exciting to me how responsive people have been to my work!


MAB said...

Get out! I grew up in Lake Port, Florida, about fifteen miles away from Okeechobee!

Robin said...

Really? I love that part of Florida. It's just so "old Florida" still. Where are you now?