Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Most Popular Pet Portrait! Scooter-Mania!

Accoring to Google Analytics, Scooter is the most popular pet portrait I have ever done! Scooter-Mania was huge...but not long lived!  Here's what happened...

I am not especially computer literate.  I do my own pet  portrait and childrens portrait website but it's a template from godaddy and I don't have to know any kind of web hosting program.  I like it because I can move things around and add things easily.

So it took me years to install Google Analytics on it which gives me a report of what is being looked at on my site.  Now, it doesn't tell me WHO is visiting, it just tells me what is being looked at. 

And SCOOTER was WHAT everyone was looking at the first few days!!   I was a little surprised to learn that this older portrait was wildly popular the first few days I got the reports!  Of all of the images on my front page and in the other pages, EVERYONE was clicking on Scooter to see him even larger.  Scooter had more clicks than all of my other animal and childrens' art put together.

So what do I do with this info?  Rush out and get Scooter reprints and sell them on the corner?  Scooter t-shirts?  Scooter book and movie deals?  Well, sadly, Scooter-mania has died down.  Scooter is back to getting just about the same attention as all of the other dogs on my site.

So what does THAT mean?  I think someone with a dog that resembles Scooter surfed onto my site and emailed all their friends and family and said "look at this dog I found on an artist's website! Doesn't he look just like my "Mr. X?"  And they all came and looked and said "yup, that's Mr. X alright."  :D 

So I think it's easy to over analyze analytics!  But it sure is exciting to think that people are getting to my site via emails from friends!  Please, feel free to help me out that way!  (And please, quick, just click on Scooter, he must be missing the Scooter groupies!)  Scooter and I both thank you.

I'm artist, Robin Zebley.  I specialize in portraits and art of animals and children.  To commission a detailed and personality-filled portrait, just email me HERE!  To follow my blog, just click to your right.  To visit my childrens and pet portrait site, click: http://robinzebley.com/. Thanks for visiting!  I hope you enjoyed!

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