Friday, October 30, 2009

A Grandmother Portrait - how precious is that?

For most of us, our grandmother means fun and attention, spoiling and smiles.  She loved all the same people we did as children, only from the opposite direction! 
Last Christmas, before I really thought about doing portraits of people, I got a call from a fellow who wanted to give a gift of a portrait of his friend's grandma who had recently passed.  His friend had one photo of his grandma that he thought caught her sweet smile and expression...but she wasn't alone in that photo and cropping it would be Steve stole the photo and commissioned a portrait! 

Steve had faith that I could pull it off...he liked the way I did pet portraits.  In fact, he's the person who first said, "they are just full of personality!"  I knew the detail I like to do conveys personality but that was a "day maker" when he said that...

What was really funny when I worked on this was I just felt this peaceful love bouncing right out of the photograph...I hope you can feel that, too, from my portrait of her.  His friend did love it..what a meaningful gift for HER..and I'm glad I remembered this little portrait from a year ago to show to you! 

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