Monday, June 1, 2009

The Print Center Opening

I had the opportunity to attend the opening of The Print Center's exhibit of its 83rd Annuel International Competiton: Printmaking. I was a little disappointed that there was not one traditional woodcut print. There was a large white line print that was interesting and makes me want to try that technique some day. Also shown was a mixed media that included two of my favorite media: colored pencil and woodcut relief.

What I saw was a mix of all of the other types of printmaking, including drypoint, which I do want to try. I like the slightly misty edges and the drama you can achieve.

My absolute favorite piece was a silkscreen print entitled "Untitled: Bridge" by artist John Williams from Philadelphia. This image was full of energy with vibrant colors and a bold composition. Unfortunately, I could not give it a new home as it very deservedly was priced higher than my budget would allow! I am thrilled to report that my artist eye is getting better...this piece was also an award winner, so I wasn't the only one impressed with his work. I am going to keep my eye out --I will own a piece someday!!

The best part, as far as I personally was concerned, is that I could not WAIT to get back home and back to my woodcut print bulldog portrait!!

I highly recommend all of my artist friends to get out to shows. So inspiring!!

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