Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Bitty Art

A few years ago, I was painting and drawing tiny art cards and selling them on ebay. I love it! There's those who caution that selling on places like ebay or etsy could hurt, not help, your art career. But to me..part of having an art "career" is doing whatever I feel like! Here's a few samples, most of the photos are on a disk somewhere...

Plus, it meant I was drawing or painting every single day. Since they were "aceos" (3.5" x 2.5"), each piece took hours, not days. And it was so much fun to watch people fighting over my work! I was so lucky, 98% of my pieces sold, and almost 100 people got to own a piece of my original art at a VERY affordable price!
I honestly can't tell you why I stopped and I'm going to do them again. I don't know if there's still a market for them, but I'll find out! I think it complements, not competes with my pet portraits and woodcut prints. So tune in soon for new aceo-sized pieces.
Meanwhile, I am WAITING on pins and needles for my Yorkie portrait to be opened up by her "mom". Mailed it out to her summer home, so I'll post it as soon as she gets it. She does get first peek!Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm American Animal Artist, Robin Zebley. I'd love to draw or paint YOUR pet, my site is: HERE. Just email me and we'll get started! Click on the top right of this blog to see my woodcut prints of animals! And follow me! Just click on the "FOLLOWING" button on your right. I truly appreciate and value every visit, and hope you will pass my info on to anyone who might be interested! I depend so much on word of mouth...put on that thinking about a gift? ....hmmmm!! :D If you'd like to read my whole blog, just click on the banner at the top. Thanks again.,Robin

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