Thursday, May 21, 2009

Collecting Art! Colored Pencil as a Collectible Medium.

When I chose colored pencil to create my animal portraits, it was because, after trying others, I just loved how I could get great, lush bold color and the finest details all in one package. AND it can be combined with other media so nicely. But can you make money on it?
Earlier this month, Sotheby's sold a pastel/colored pencil piece, by David Hockneys at auction for $39,000! Of course, it helps to be a top shelf artist who is a household name! Of course, Hockney wasn't ALWAYS rich and famous. How cool is it to those who bought from him early on to watch the value of their pieces skyrocket!

It's encouraging to see that in this economy, art is still selling...and selling very well indeed! I think more and more "everyday people" are thinking of quality, not quantity and are surrounding themselves in beautiful things they love rather than just filling up space on the walls.

An art collection is a living, growing thing. The beauty..and fun...of collecting orginal art is that it is so personal. Whether commissioned portraits or handpulled prints or paintings or drawings, when you buy an original, you are the only person on the face of the earth to have that image to enjoy! Your collection is as unique as your fingerprint..only you have exactly that art to enjoy. And there's good, original art available in every price range!

How to pick art to own? Basically, buy what you like, what you'll enjoy. And here's hoping YOUR collection will not only provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment, but will increase in value, as well!

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Anonymous said...

I like to buy art that is appealing to me and not as a future collection item (but if it becomes that it's great). Several years ago, a relative purchased three detailed drawings that we didn't know were part of a series. He purchased them at an auction for 200 dollars total and as it turned out, each of them is worth 2000.

At the time he was drawn (no pun intended) to the details of the people who were figments of the artist's imagination. We had no idea what they worth or if they were worth anything at all until I called a gallery to get information on the artist. The gallery refused to give me information, but they wanted to purchase the drawings.

yorkie's mom

Robin said...

Awesome Anonymous Yorkie's Mom! That's the second layer of fun from original art, imo!!

If you are MY Yorkie's mom, your portrait is on its way tomorrow!