Monday, May 18, 2009

5,300 and counting...visits to this blog

YAY! today is a milestone, over 5,300 unique visitors and lots and lots of "Chronic" types!! Welcome to you all. I'm pleased you are intersted in my artwork!

My art is so important to me. I think about it when I'm not doing it, I feel lost when I have more than a day or so without art! I enjoying looking at, and owning, other people's art. I just can't imagine a life without it!

Now, my house would be neater...but so much more empty. :D

Art is important. All art is. Go make some today, buy some today, enjoy some today! Here's to all the artists and art lovers out there, and especially those who love MY art! You are the best!! Robin


twincedar said...

Wow! That is quite a milestone! I know I have enjoyed your blog!

Robin said...

thanks!! I've enjoyed your company!

Cat-in-a-Box said...

Congrats Robin! I love reading your blog - you always make me feel cheery!

Robin said...

Awww, CITB, that makes ME feel cheery!