Monday, April 13, 2009

No, this isn't Bo, the newest Obama resident in the White House! But she could have been! This is gorgeous Pepper, who is up for adoption from a rescue right nearby: The K9Lifesavers

I'm hoping Pepper and her fellow Portuguese Water Dogs up for adoption will be all the rage and someone will just have to have the newest, coolest dog breed! She's around 3, which means she's through the stressful puppy times and would happily settle in!

Now, Bo has a nice big fenced yard, even though he's just moved into a big city! Lots of us without are not permitted to adopt any dogs, even if we have experience and a track record of keeping dogs from birth to "rainbow bridge" as elderly seniors in an urban environment. So lots of dogs just never can make it out of foster care/shelters just because of that one requirement, no matter how wonderful his prospective humans would be.

But here's hoping for Bo to have a happy and long life, and Pepper too! I love to support dog rescues, and especially seniors (see blog post below this!) And here's hoping the PWDs in rescue benefit from the publicity!

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twincedar said...

She is precious! Hope she finds a home soon!

Jennifer Rose said...

I'm glad they got a dog from a responsible breeder and I hope the best for Bo. I'm just worried now that there will be a huge increase in the amount of backyard breeders breeding them :/ people want puppies not older rescue dogs :/

hopefully Pepper gets adopted :D

we have to put a fence up once we can afford a dog. I think its a requirement for the place we would be getting a dog from and to help stop the kids picking on the dog.

Jade Scarlett said...

Will be praying for her.