Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kensington Woodcut Print Wins Award!

Remember "Kensington" the life-sized woodcut print I created from a photo of a rescued feral cat? She's now an award winner! I am thrilled and print won the "Printmaking Award" at the annual student show at the Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia!

She is on display in the gallery, along with my reduction cut sheep. I hadn't seen the show hung yet because the "big day" is closing day, not opening day. I stopped by last night and there it was! She won over all of the prints entered from woodcut printmakers created over the past year. Incidentally, the winner for the non-woodcut prints was a gorgeous dog...animals rule!!

How encouraging for me. I am currently working on a woodcut print of 4 boxer puppies.

Now the good news is that as a woodcut print, there's more images of "Kensington" available! If you'd like one of your very own of this award winner, just click on "Etsy" at the top right corner of my blog. She'll come to you signed by me, titled and numbered.

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twincedar said...

Congratulations! It is a wonderful work!

Jennifer Rose said...

congrats on winning the award!

Edward Burton said...

Congratulations, Robin! It is a wonderful piece.

Robin said...

Thank you all so much!! I am so excited...I am actually not off of Cloud 9 yet!!

Your encouragement means so much to me!


Andrea said...

Congratulations, Robin! You totally deserve that award! You worked so long and hard on that print and it shows! yay!

Robin said...

Thanks, Andrea! Stiff competition, too! I showed my artist son your hotel print and he was blown away by the composition!

Cat-in-a-Box said...

Robin - this is fabulous! Your woodcuts are just getting more intricate all the time. The values in this are really well rendered - you totally deserved to win!! Congrats!!