Thursday, November 6, 2008

Woodcut Print Class

Last night I printed the second color in my foray into color printing. I was really worried about registration...lining everything up properly...even though my teacher, Jeff Dentz, had explained and demonstrated several methods. And it's not like his terrific prints didn't line up!

I think I'm one of those "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of people.

Anyway, it all lined up, it was pretty easy to do, and I'd show you except I didn't like how I had overcut a section for the initial cut and it ruined the piece. So after proving to myself that not only could it be done, but that it could be done by ME, I think I'll redo that piece and I'll show you then.

I have a huge piece I'm working on and Jeff helped me think through that one. Another interesting aspect of the woodcuts is that I have to do planning ahead. With my colored pencil and paintings, I just sketch in and do it on the fly. So this is a good stretch for me.

Besides me, there was a lot of printing last night, and a lot of really excellent work. I especially enjoyed a piece printed by classmate Andrea Gingerich, the Philadelphia photographer, who based it on one of her own photos. Which goes to prove...again...that composition is king. (Her world series photos are the best I've seen on the net.)

So all in all, a great night in woodcut class. Now where's the pie?


Anonymous said...

awww thanks for the kind words on my photos. My new photo to woodblock idea isn't working out too well. I may have to start over.

For that area that you didn't like and thought you had overcut, what did jeff say about adding wood filler and then recutting that? Would that work, I wonder? I thought it looked great, but I know how it feels to not have something exactly how you had imagined it.

Robin said...

Before Jeff even saw it, I had decided not to try anything else on it. I had only printed 5 of the first color, so this one was really just a registration lesson for me.

I would probably think about trying filler or a plug if I was happier with the composition as a whole.

I think I"m going to redo but pull back a little to show the ear. Thanks for posting to my blog!