Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Autumn Leaves - Win this Piece!

Yesterday I announced that to celebrate my blog's milestone of hitting 500 unique views, I was going to give away an original, one of a kind piece of artwork. Well, here it is! This is the "first" that Otto, my brindle pitbull mix, sniffed and I collected yesterday on our walk. The first autumn leaves of the season.

This is about 3.5 x 4.5 inches, prismacolor and colorsoft professional-grade artist colored pencil on colorfix.

I picked up a brown leaf, an orangish leaf, a dark red leaf and one with a mix of brilliant colors with dark purples. Easy huh? Let me tell you, rendering leaves really tests your ability to see what's REALLY there...not what you think it is. What surprised me wasn't the mix of colors even on the "brown" leaf, but the veining on all the's not like you think it is. Not only do they run in different directions, but curve different, meet the middle vein at different spots and change colors!

Now, I didn't get this posted last night as promised, so I'm going to extend the deadline for the raffle to win this piece to midnight Sunday night, October 5. Just send me an email to enter to win. It's

And those of you kind folks who sent me emails to tell me I'm crazy to give away my's a celebration! Maybe I'll do it every "New 500". I'm titling this piece "First Autumn Leaves", and signing it in the back.

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