Friday, October 3, 2008

I've hit 500! Let's celebrate!

Sometime while Otto and I were out for our daily walk, we reached a milestone...500 unique viewers to my blog! Now, I know that might not sound like much in the "blogosphere" but for an artist like me who wasn't even sure ANYONE would come to visit, it's an exciting milestone. About 12 new people a day. And lots of you are visiting often!

So to celebrate, let's have a raffle! Send me an email ( and I'll pick a name "out of the hat" and send you an original, one of kind piece of my artwork that I'll create tonight! Deadline for entering is Midnight, Saturday, October 4, Eastern standard time.

What will the subject be? Let me just say it will be something else that's a milestone...the first ________ of 2008! Something Otto sniffed and I saw today.

Sunday I'll unveil the winner and the piece that I'll mail to them. So send me an email with the words "Art and Animals Raffle" ..or something like that! and you may be the lucky winner! And if you haven't had a chance to visit my website of pet portraits, now's the time!


Jennifer Rose said...

congrats on reaching 500!! :D

Robin said...

Yay! Thanks!!!!!!!