Thursday, October 9, 2008

Woodcut Cat Print - A South Philly Girl

Last night I started my second woodcut print class at Fleisher Art Memorial on Catherine Street in South Philly. I cut this woodblock last summer, but just printed it last night. It was really fun for me to be around other artists again, and especially those who are interested in this medium. Everyone in the class seemed really dedicated to learning the art of woodcut printing, and we have a great teacher who really encourages us to get creative and experiment but is available for technical help. Experimenting and just pushing myself creatively is really important for me, because when I do portraits, I don't have that luxury!

I printed this on mulberry paper with Daniel Smith oil printmaking ink in black. The image is about 6 x 6.

As far as the image of my South Philly Girl, I really ramped up the contrast. Love dramatic lighting and I really pushed it. I used a "V" gouge, razor blade and for the details I used a mini wirebrush tool. I love to show how light hits the eye and travels through to subtly light up the opposite side. Easy enough to do with pencil or paint! To make that happen in a woodcut, I used the wirebrush, which I also used on the fur in spots. I love how it makes the eye look so "3D"!

I printed a bunch last night, this will be an open edition, each numbered, signed by me and titled, "A South Philly Girl" and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. $18 for each print, and I pay the mailing costs.


Cat-in-a-Box said...

Robin, I love your woodcut! That is a tough medium... it requires a whole different mindset, and you've done a beautiful job!
- Pam

Jennifer Rose said...

gorgeous! Love how you made the fur look, looks so soft

Robin said...

Pam, thank you! It's funny how you really have to force your brain to think in reverse to do this. I'm so glad you like it!

Jennifer, thank you so much...and thanks to you both for commenting! So encouraging!!