Sunday, October 26, 2008

Remember the woodcut demo I did a while back of these guys?
Anyway, the wonderful folks who let me use their photo of two abandoned...should I say dumped...puppies as a reference for my "Sleepless in Savannah" woodcut print are having a fundraiser on Saturday, November 1, a silent auction as part of their "mutt strutt". Here's a link to the site: And it's at 7213 Sallie Mood Drive in Savannah.

And one of the silent auction items is a framed, signed original handcut woodblock print of these guys! So if you're in the Savannah area (and I know some of my readers are!), join up for the mutt strut and place a bid!

If you have a fundraiser for your animal group, drop me a line. I MIGHT be able to help, although it's getting close to my busy season.

You can buy an original, handpulled print yourself, if you wish, of these guys. Just click on the link to my gallery to the right. And if you haven't seen my website yet with pet portraits, it's So c'mon and visit!

And you'll never guess what I'm up to...both a colored pencil portrait of two beautiful gals (one a horse and one a human!) and a woodcut of a life size kitty. So keep tuned, I'll show them both when I get a little bit farther along!


Angela Finney said...

Great job, Robin.

I am enjoying your blog.

Trying to get the courage to start one.

Angela said...

Dear Robin,
I really like your woodcut. I was thinking it would look really nice in a light brown ink for the puppies and the floor and a blue or red ink on the pillow. Have you tried printing it in any other colors?

When I ink my etchings I sometimes ink the plate with two inks and run it through the press once. You can get some interesting results.

Best wishes,