Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clone Your Dog! Chester - the beagle basset hound mix

Would you clone your dog? When my kids were schoolaged, we found Chester, a beagle basset hound mix, at the local SPCA. Sweet and loyal, my kids just loved him. His dad and I? Not so much. Chester had issues.

No trashcan was meant to be kept upright.

He was never 100% housebroken.

He was vengeful...if we left him, he'd "pay us back".

He escaped out the door, race out of sight, not to come back til he was good and ready. With busy, in and out the house boys, he found plenty of opportunities (and male encouragement!). With his nose, he knew where everyone was....once he strolled into the lunchroom at my son's middle school half a mile away and walked right up to him..."ah, mom? Can you come get Chester?"

But here's the thing...he was just full of love. One day I got off my bus, and as I was walking up the sidewalk, I saw him. Standing there all alone, no "master" with a leash in sight. Oh, but there was a toddler and his mom there, too. I knew I was going to get a lecture about letting my dog run loose...and it had been a long day...

As I approached, the tiny boy was petting Chester on the head and looked up at me with giant blue eyes. "Ches-chur", he declared, "is the dog that evvwy kid can lub." I looked up at his mom, who was smiling. Yes, indeed. Chester WAS the dog that every kid could love. Now if that isn't "clone worthy"...I don't know what is!
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