Monday, September 29, 2008

My Big Christmas Sale! - You don't want to miss this

As you can imagine, Christmas is my busiest time of the year! Each year since I've been offering commissioned pet portraits, I've been busier and busier, and I just hate to not be able to fit all the orders in. AND I have barely had time to get ready for Christmas myself, and I love the decorating, cookies, and finding a special gift for those I love.

  • So this year, I'm trying something I've never done before...I'm going to try and encourge YOU to order early!! All commissioned portraits ordered with the deposit paid during the month of October can cut the price by 20%! That's a significant savings! But it will make my life saner and I'll enjoy it so much more...and think of the benefits to you:
  • Get one of your big gifts "out of the way" early! If you'd like to go in with others, lots of time to get that taken care of and everyone saves 20%.
  • Plenty of time to get your portrait matted and framed, wrapped and under the last minute running around. My portraits all fit in standard sized mats and frames available everywhere.
  • Plenty of time to get those secret photos!
  • Knowing that you are giving the ONE gift they'll tell everyone about! That will be treasured forever! That will remind them of you every time they look at it! I hear that all the time...that it is the nicest gift they ever got...EVER. And the men! They usually confess to that tear in the eye...

So, what do you think? Take a look at my portrait site: , get those photos together, send me an email ( and remember...the prices you see are all discounted for you by 20%...if you order in October!

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