Sunday, August 31, 2008

Golden Retriever Rescue - the Story of Nolan

When I started out doing portraits, I needed some samples for my website and stumbled upon a fabulous photo of an older dog looking for a forever home in northern Texas. I wrote to the rescue for permission to draw him in colored pencil.
And here's what I drew. I loved Nolan for his smiling, cheerful face, despite the situation he found himself in.
From this portrait of Nolan, I have been honored to be commissioned to draw and paint a LOT of Golden Retrievers!!
Nolan was blessed, though...he DID find a forever home and lived his life happily with folks who loved him. He's since passed over the rainbow bridge, but he lives through art. Forever.
By the way, the rescue is in desperate straits to raise some money for's their link. If you can find a way to donate a few dollars, I know it will go to great use! Here's their link:
Otto and his dad and I are going on vacation. I'll be bringing along my paints and woodcut tools and hope to have some artwork to show you when I get back! Meanwhile, if you'd like to see a selection of other golden retriever portraits, check out my pet portrait website: . If you have a golden, or any other breed and you'd like a portrait of your special pal, email me and we can get started as soon as I get home!

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