Thursday, April 7, 2016

Custom Portraits on the New Etsy Pattern Site, my review

Dog Portrait on New Etsy Site
Our custom oil painting portraits now have an additional home,  What do you think?

Etsy developed this looks-like-a-standalone site to help fill a need for those who would like their own e-commerce site and their Etsy shops.  While I have my own portrait site, most of my google traffic there comes locally in my very competitive market.  So I'm hoping for more google and other search engine visibility in my Custom Portrait Art site at PatternbyEtsy.

My custom portrait paintings Pattern site pulls items directly from my regular Etsy shop, uses Etsy checkout, and was super easy to set up.

Besides a handful of themes to choose from, and a couple of color and font style choices, it's not very customizable, which probably is a good thing for those who feel overwhelmed at the thought of building their own website.  For those of us who have more experience, it's a little frustrating.
robin bird oil painting by Robin Zebley

We can't choose which of our pieces we want to show where, or rearrange them.  That's a minus.

The stats provided by etsy are not accurate as of the date of this blog post.  The do not match up.  The number of visits is fewer than the detail of those visits, they are co-mingling with regular Etsy shop stats.

There's worry about google penalties for duplicate content, but seo mavens seem divided on that in the forums.  At this time, it's free for 30 days.  Then it will cost $15 a month.  I will test it for at least the next 28 days and see if I get unique views via the patternbyetsy platform, and whether those views are buyers or bots.

What do you think?


sherry said...

Looks beautiful, Robin. Best of luck with your new site.

Robin said...

thanks, sherry!

Linda said...

Your paintings are beautiful.