Thursday, October 8, 2015

Handmade on Amazon, Live and Ready for my Pet portraits!

Sarge is looking for his portrait painting
on Handmade at Amazon!
Handmade at Amazon opened for business today and my shop there is live and open for business: My Handmade at Amazon

I need to add more samples and more of my woodblock prints and other art, but am optimistic that Amazon will do this up right and publicize it to make it worth our while.

I'm so honored that I was chosen as one of the pioneers of Handmade!  It's exciting and encouraging for sure!

And I hope Etsy gets off it's self-appointed high horse for handmade and actually advertises for buyers for us.

If they still really want customers of true handmade, that is. Which is of course debatable, given their encouragement of factory made in the past two years!


dellartist said...

You do beautiful work! Wishing you great success in your new venture,

Robin said...

Thank you! Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't appear to have been ready for us yet.