Tuesday, March 3, 2015

EMaze Review, Stroll through my Virtual Art Gallery!

I just created a video of a virtual tour of my custom portrait and paintings in a gallery setting using the presentation platform, Emaze.com.  I saw it in my Twitter feed and decided to give it a whirl. It was free, and for someone like me who is not technically minded, fairly easy. Here's one wall of the gallery.
Custom House Portraits on Gallery Wall in EMaze

What attracted me to this was that it automatically "walked you through" the gallery, which I would have no way of knowing how to do myself.

It was easy to change the pictures from their stock photos to my photos in some of the pages of the template I chose. Others I could not figure out how to do, so I had to paste my photo over theirs.  That's what you see in the top left.

I also had some trouble fitting the display above the scroll bar on the bottom because that wasn't visible when loading.  Some I made too high. All of which, I am sure is fixable on my end if I just spent a bit more time.

My MAIN problem though, was getting it to play automatically, walking you through the gallery.  I'm still not sure it works when you go there directly, if you share, you can click a button to activate the automatic looping.  But even that takes a few seconds, and I'm not sure most people would wait around for it.  Here is is: http://goo.gl/3gQ5IU, did it work for you?  Did you feel like you were walking through a gallery or was it just a slide show?

Custom Paintings from Photos on Gallery Wall in EMaze
You can pick colors and things. I went with what they had because it's pretty representative of a gallery.


I first tried the "live chat" box but nobody answered and I had to get to work.  I tried the email for support next and within a few hours had my questions answered, along with links to presentations (of course!) on how to do what I wanted done.  Liam is the customer support person.  I tweeted about my issue also and was directed to Liam.  

I have the free version which includes the watermark, but that doesn't bother me.  I don't know if I would need to upgrade, but whenever I test drive a site, I put a lot of stock in how they treat their freebie customers, it's a window into how important supporting existing customers is to the company and the likelihood I'll be happy paying for it if I need to upgrade.


I would love this if the automatic stroll through the gallery started fast enough that people wouldn't feel they were supposed to hit the arrow on the right that just takes them to the next slide without the panning through the rooms.  I think it's a nice addition to an artist's toolbox for self promotion.  I plan to clean up my presentation and install it on my website, http://robinzebley.com. as a gadget and am thinking of other ways to use it.  I posted it on facebook, we'll see the reaction I get there, also tried twitter.

I hope they can speed up the starting of the automatic playback, that would make this site a perfect 10!  What do you think?

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Drew Watts said...

I just love having a glance at such beautiful Virtual Arts and your Virtual Art Gallery was juts fabulous. Your work is complement worthy. Looking forward to see more stuff like this!! Hey, why don’t you participate in the art gallery that will be organized in next month at local event space in Dublin?