Friday, July 27, 2012

Orange Tiger Tabby Cat on a Vintage Chair

My tiger cat portrait demonstration is finally finished, and here's the end result.  Lots of steps in between! 

I really added age to the chair with lots of alligatoring and paint scrapes. 

Added highlights, too.  And that's all for the chair, because I didn't want it to be a drawing of a chair that had a cat on it, but a cat on a chair!

The way the sunlight hits his eyes created an interesting reflection of the beautiful strong yellow green.

I also cropped it just a bit from my original composition.  I feel I had too much dead wall space on the right.  My apologies for the glare, I'm no photographer, and I admit it! 

Now, is he for sale?  Of course!  I was going to sell it through the BlueStone Fine Art Gallery in Philadelphia, but time conflicts changed our plans.  He's up for auction at DailyPaintWorks, where I am brand new and starting low to build a following.

I will also be using him as a sample for pet portraits.

By the way, if you are in Philadelphia, do stop by the BlueStone Gallery which is at 301 N. 3rd.  It's a stunning space full of a great mix of art and the staff is top notch.  They will help you find the art of your dreams! 

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