Friday, May 25, 2012

Studio Dog. Job Description. Maturity, attention to detail, energetic...

Sarge turned 1 yesterday on my beloved late mother's birthday.  I was so broken hearted about losing Otto last summer and I just don't think it was a coincidence that we found our new pup who is so perfect without some heavenly influence!  Thanks, Mom.  My mom really encouraged me to try harder at everything I did.  She wasn't the type to worry about my precious self-worth.  She pushed and I'm glad she did.  She never told me I did well when it was so-so.  Anyway how can you write about your mom when she's been gone almost as long as you had her...anyway, now we have Sarge!
So how does he measure up as a studio dog?  See for yourself!!!!!!   Sarge loves his backyard, and we have been spending a lot of time out there planting, and painting and drawing.  He is so willing to help, if only he could!  He  enjoys greeting people through the fence, has his special friends, and still seems to think that squirrels are just little buddies to perhaps give a half hearted chase with.

So he sleeps well!!  I've been working on some ACEOs that star my Sarge, and will be listing them on Ebay when I have enough.  First...we have more garden to tend to!

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