Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Draw a Cat in Colored Pencil, The fun begins!

How to draw a cat in colored pencil?  Here's my latest part of my demo!  Today I've added lots more color to his fur, more layers to the vintage chair he's relaxing on, and just about finished the barnwood background.   First I did the background.  Looking at actual wood, I quickly drew in the wood grain with Sepia (I use Prismacolors, although any professional quality colored pencils work).  Then, a few more layers and blending it all with a brush.  I also added the lines of the planks.  I am thinking I'm going to dull it down a little but retain the value.  But for now, it's done enough to work on the other components.

Next, more chair work.  I used muted turquoise for the darker areas and light sky blue for the lighter ones, then blended with a brush.  Something important to remember is to not be shy about letting your colors bump up against each other.  I sometimes see new colored pencil artists seem to hold back and create halos where the background meets the subject.

Then, kitty.  This is where the fun begins.  I started pretty bold, with Orange in the orange parts, and white in the white parts.  A little Burnt Sienna mixed in, it's important to follow the fur patterns.  I'm still pretty much scribbling this in with flat points.

Pinked up the ears and nose, next step will be carefully working on those paws, which will require more careful observation to get the details right.

Questions?  Just ask!  If you're just finding this tutorial, just scroll down to the first one to watch the step by step.  I'll post more soon, I'm thrilled to say that new commissions have "interfered" with this project, but commissions always come first!  Robin

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