Monday, March 8, 2010

Portrait of a Little Girl with a lot of Flair!

Here's the portrait of a little girl I have been working on off and on for a while.  I did her sisters portrait months ago, but before my Christmas rush.

For you artists, here's my skin color palette info...prismacolors and colorsofts in pinks, peaches, yellows, whites, tans, lavenders, reds and blues.  No "clay rose" or any other greyed color.  I found that they just deadened skin unbelievably.  The blues and lavendars did the job with the shadow sides without making it look pasty and unnatural.

I also didn't copy the photo, it was shot indoors in the shade, so the skin color was way duskier than it really is.  I am lucky that I had an array of photos to consult and could bring out the sunny and youthful skin color.

I am hoping to get my children's portraits out there to the real live public, not just online.  I have two more samples I want to do to be able to take with me to shows...a tiny tot ballerina and a teenaged hockey player.  Of course, I accept commissions online, too, I just want to expand my audience.  Come visit my site full of samples of my pet and childrens portraits!  You can also order via my email, and here's where you can see my animal paintings


Susie Hooban ( said...

Hi Robin! What happened to your Facebook page? Did you take it down or did something happen?

dellartist said...

Robin, this is a great portrait. You have captured the sparkly personality of this lively girl. The skin tones are lovely and I love her smile. Great work!

Robin said...

Susie, my facebook page is there, are you having probs accessing it?

Dellartist, thank you so much!!!

Susie Hooban ( said...

Hi Robin,

I can't find it anywhere and Jessica Blascszak couldn't either. Even when I search for it, nothing comes up :( Maybe FB messed up, but I can't access it at all. I hope you get it fixed- I love checking in on your work.

Robin said...

Try and if that doesn't work for you can you tell me? Thx.

Robin said...

Fixed it! And got two new fans so I guess it's working okay now! I had to unclick, then reclick, the "publish" button...just a glitch,, I guess!