Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cat Painting, Horse Painting & Pet Portrait Gift Certificate

  While I work on pet portrait commissions with a Santa deadline, I decided to give ebay a shot with a few of my small painted pieces.  I have no idea at all what the market is there now.  So I have listed a few things rather than have them sitting here waiting for me to do a show or sell them in another way.  It will be fun to see if they sell, I priced them well below what I think I could sell them for in an "in person" venue, but on ebay, I think the question is whether anyone will even see them in the mountains of items there.  There's lots of marketing techniques to build up following there, but since I listed these 2, I got another commission and don't have time to market and increase visibility there.  But no harm, you never know.  Here's where they are on ebay, if you'd like to bid, please do!  All the details are on there, they are acrylic on gallery wrapped canvases.

Like I said, it will be a challenge to get that commission in under their Christmas tree on time, so have to curb all of my online work for a bit.  Now, an interesting thing has happened...I've been getting emails telling me "time to paint for galleries" from art friends I respect.  I don't know.  I like the contact between me and the people who buy my work.  But it's meant as a compliment, and I do appreciate it.   And of course, I'd have to double my prices, since galleries get 50%.  So a lot to think about, and I do appreciate any and a, but first things first.  AND I really have bake those Christmas about you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin, Cool kitty there! Yup, I have some cards to make, Christmas bread to bake never quite goes away does it? Good luck with ebay.

Robin said...

Thanks Peggy, mmmm, Christmas bread...see, that's why I have to walk Otto so much..