Sunday, November 22, 2009

Now a Facebook Fan Page! Help me Promote?

Whew!  There's just so many places and ways to try and get the word out!  There's a zillion pet portrait artists out there, and I've looked at a lot of my competition's work.  I think...and those who have commissioned from me say...that my work is unique, a little different from the average bear.  Because I:
  • Get a LOT of detail where it matters (face).
  • Go more impressionistic where it doesn't.
  • Love backgrounds, foregrounds, and putting them all together.
  • Enjoy composing from a variety of photos.
  • "Fix" photo problems like flash (I hate when artists dutifully draw or paint in camera shortcomings)
  • Really think about the pet or child and try to bring their personality out.
  • Get each piece critiqued by at least one other artist for feedback.
  • Genuinely love the interaction between myself and my customer.  I LOVE chatting with others!  I have no snobbery about being "the artist" who knows best.  If you want something, let's discuss!
Anyway, the hard part is getting the word out, of course.  So that's what this is all about today, I hoping you can help me!  One way is that I created a Facebook Fan page.  Become a  Fan of my brand new Art Page and get a chance to win a piece of my animal art 2 ways!  Spread the word, please!!  You can:

 Tweet about me, email your friends about me, Facebook your friends about me, link to my main pet portrait site:  and my new Artist Robin Zebley Page: .  By the way, I'm running a contest on my new facebook page and if you Fan me, you have 2 ways to win!

Any other suggestions for "getting the word out" are most welcome!!  I do have flyers in vets offices nearby, and if you'd be willing to take some to your vet or groomer, let me know and I'll send you some!  I truly truly appreciate all of the help!  Robin


Jennifer Rose said...

*joins fanpage*

there are so many ways to get exposure its hard to keep up on them all

Jade Scarlett said...

I'm your fan :)


Robin said...

Jen and Jade, thanks so much! I saw you there. Yes, it's hard to self promote...takes so much time, but what can a girl do?

Jade Scarlett said...

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ;p

Happy Thanksgiving, luv!


James F. Smith said...

Love the Hound!! Good job!!! Thanks for the post in Wetcanvas!! My Kitty is done for know but my challenge in miniature is another boat!! The lines are the challenge for me!!

Robin said...

James, you're welcome and thanks!!! if I can help at all, with your mini, let me know. Just direct me to the right place and I'll be glad to see if I see anything I can suggest?