Friday, October 2, 2009

Goin' Mobile - my newest dog woodblock relief print

I really wanted to capture that ecstatic expression on dogs' faces when they are out for a car ride. Our mundane errands are big sight and smell events for our dog friends! I took a ton of photos trying to capture just the right expression with my Otto as my model. I enjoyed carving the pine block grabbing the detail of the expression and the fur.

What's extra special about this print is that it is part of the Baren Forum's exchange. The theme for this exchange was "My Window", so I borrowed a title from Pete Townshend, which, incidentally is the perfect theme song to the expression on Otto's face.

It's open edition, and one of the prints will be archived at the University of Kentucky.

And like all my woodcut prints, it's for sale, HERE.

Next up for me is finishing a portrait of two little girls. Almost done, so stay tuned!
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