Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stepping out of my comfort zone...life drawing workshop!

Today I took a workshop at the historic Plastic Club in Philadelphia. I've never drawn in public, never drew a human from life and felt nervous as all get out.

It turned out, of course, to be wonderful. Everyone was really nice and helpful, and nobody lurked over my shoulder, they were busy with their own work. I did show and tell and was really encouraged. And it's exactly what everyone tells you...you really have to try it! I feel like I learned more in 3 hours than 3 months of working from a photo!

I was pleased with my likeness of the model, but worked in a tight, nervous manner. Next time (maybe tomorrow!) I'll be bringing bigger paper and will force myself to loosen up and enjoy.

The bonus is that there was a dog there! So I got in some dog sketching while the model took his breaks. (Relief to draw a familiar snout, rather than nose and mouth!!) And I drew the chair, the model's hands, I just filled up that 3 hours with drawing.

So, the first giant step taken forward.

I'm Robin Zebley, my primary interest is in pet portraits, but I'm learning to draw those 2 legged animals! My site is http://robinzebley.com. Stop by and visit! If you'd like to see this whole blog, just click on the banner at the top. And if you'd like to comment, I'd love to hear ya! Robin


Quilt Works said...

What fun! I admire you for stepping out of the comfort zone. I love watching artists on the street, not surprised you had a good experience!

Robin said...

It WAS fun, QuiltWorks, but exhausting. I am surprised at how tired I am since I left my day job. And I haven't even done any woodcut printing, which, since I do by hand, I find REALLY tiring!! Thanks for commenting!! Robin

Susan said...

Good for you! The human figure is probably the hardest thing to draw. I need to take a refresher class sometime in the near future, as my book will have people in it as well as dogs. When you get a chance stop by my blog and see my post about my stubborn beagle, I'd love your insight!

Unknown said...

I love your work. Your blog is an interesting read especially for an animal lover like me. Thanks for the advice on my blog. I really appreciate your help

dellartist said...

This is so cool! It takes courage to step out and take on something new. That sounds intimidating, but I am glad you had fun, and I am sure you did a great job. Love your work!

Robin said...

Susan, having had a beagle basset, Chester, I know about those stubbon ones, lol! I blogged about him a while ago, he was a great dog! Very different from Otto, though, who lives to be "in tune" with us. I love yoru slide show, am going to do that!!

Robin said...

Sim, thanks so much!!! And you are welcome. We all have to help each other, don't you think??

Dell, thank you and thanks for the encouragement!

The workshop was varied skill levels, lots of pros like to take them to keep basic skills sharp, and I'm so lucky they are accessable for me.

Living said...

Was he... naked? :P
Was that embarrassing?
Do they assume a certain level of drawing skill, or is it just like 'here's a model. Try drawing him', and you do it how you like even if you have no idea how to draw people?
How much did it cost to go?