Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to Fleisher!

Tomorrow night I start my next series of woodcut relief printing workshops at Fleisher Art Memorial in South Philadelphia with teacher, Jeff Dentz. This is the third time I'm taking this class.

First time, I learned the basics.

Second time, I learned to do a reduction cut.

This time, I'm planning on learning to do multi-plates combined with reduction cuts. My squirrel woodcut will be this and I know Jeff will be a real help with crits and with his excellent suggestions to make me think of possibilities!

Most of all, I miss the comaraderie of fellow printmakers, and I have been told that several of the talented printmakers from last workshops are also coming back for more fun! It also pushes me to work, and I need those deadlines to get more pieces ready. I know I can't really offer prints for sale until I have more than a few...and I'm hoping I'll have a really nice series of urban wildlife after the finish of this class!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you're taking the class again! See you on wednesday!

Robin said...

Thanks!! If you see a rat around, snap him for me, will ya?

Signed...the groupie