Thursday, January 8, 2009

Otto on Santa Patrol

Okay, I'm behind...but I thought I'd share a photo of Otto on Christmas morning...with his "Santa Patrol Chimney Inspector" hat on and his brand new bone from Puppyclaus.

I made him wear that hat for a few days when we went for strolls around the neighborhood and it was no doubt embarrassing for him, but he got so many smiles and waves from folks driving by and I think it always helps to do some pitbull public relations!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope Otto made you smile, too! My pet portrait website: Stop by!!


Jennifer Rose said...

cute picture :D
Our Rottie would have eaten the hat lol

Robin said...

Oh,he knew he was the star, lol!! He wasn't as cooperative on the walks! He kept shaking his head and it would slip around under his jowls like a feedbag.