Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feral Cats - Colored Pencil Painting

My wonderful stepmom, Barb, is one of the many, many kindhearted folks out there who care for feral cats. I didn't really believe they were really feral, or wild and untamed, until I tried myself to get mama and baby kitties to come to me. I pride myself with animals, I know how to to talk them!

Not these guys. Even though they came by at night to eat the food Barb leaves for them, and even though they are within site of Barb and my dad often, they just are plain wild. Presumably they decended from once tame cats, they look like your average kitty, they are even clean as a whistle! But they are wild and seem to want to stay that way.

But there's a dilemma. There's a LOT of them. They don't have access to vets or immunizations, etc., yet they stay healthy enough to breed and grow up and breed, etc.

I think it's really exciting that there are rescues devoted exclusively to temporarily catching, spaying and vaccinating the wild bunch.

Anyway, feral cats are the inspiration for this piece. I actually did the whole thing on the R2 Septa train back and forth to work! I used my portable art studio that my son gave me for Christmas, with a new for me paper, Fabriano, and prismacolor colored pencils.

I'm going to do an art show this spring so this guy will be going with me then, unless someone buys it beforehand.

If you belong to a feral cat rescue, I'd love for you to post your link, just post it in the comments so we can all visit!

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