Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's Promote Art!

Let's all promote art. Ever get a survey from a company you bought from? Don't throw it away! Tell them you'd like them to promote art by buying art for their corporate headquarters. Encourage them to be more like Progressive Insurance, which has one of the largest...if not THE largest, private contemporary art collection in the country.

Of course, we can promote art and artists by buying from one another. I know most of us artists already do that because we appreciate the value of owning original art and enjoy it. Buy the gift of art...anyone's original art that you like...for Christmas! You know your recipient's likes...are they a collector of frogs? Find some original frog art, you know you wont' be giving a duplicate if you buy original art!

Any other ideas for promoting art...everyone's original art? Let me know or comment here. If you'd like to see more of MY art, I'd love it! My site is and if you click at the top of this blog on the title, you'll go to the top of this blog and see what's new.

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