Friday, September 26, 2008


Yesterday, I left you with the paper still pressed, upside down, on the inked woodblock I had cut out. The next and final step, of course, is to gently peel the paper off and turn it rightside up and see the magic! Here's the print! The white is where I cut the wood, the black is where the ink hit the uncut wood.
One more step...what to title it? I'm calling this print "Sleepless in Savannah". My photo reference was provide by the wonderful folks at
the Humane Society Savannah/Chatham, who rescued them. These pups...thought to be pitbull but maybe another kind of bulldog or mix. These girls were dumped outside the Society building and left to fend for their age! The gal with her "arm" around her sister was found first, her sister wandered up a few days later.
Now, here's the wonderful news...the gal on the bottom has been adopted least a month ago...the gal on the top, looked like she was about to be! I loved this photo, which I use with the permission of the Savannah Humane Society/Chatham, because I love that arm. See the little toenails I cut out? I also love the different drowsy, one alert.
Now for the "background"...I totally made that up. Put them on a fat cushion on a hardwood floor.
Now, I've already gotten some emails from my wonderful readers here, asking if this open edition of woodcut prints will be offered for sale. And yes, I am! If you would like to own one of my signed, numbered prints of "Sleepless in Savannah", please just email me at robinzebleyartist at Replace the "at" with "@", of course. The price for one of these original, handpulled prints is $18, and that includes mailing to you. Each one of these prints...that never existed in the world until now, are 7.5 x 6 inches of printed image, with about an inch all around. Each will be signed and numbered by me.
I'd love to also hear questions and comments! Meanwhile, I'm working on a miniature horse colored pencil piece that I'll be showing you in a day or so! If you haven't stopped by my portrait website to see my samples, stop on by! It's .


Jennifer Rose said...

lovely print :) thanks for the tutorial on printing :D

Robin said...

thanks so much, jennifer rose!