Sunday, August 24, 2008

Otto - the "boxer - bull mastiff" who turned into a pitbull

Well, what do you think, breedwise? We had recently lost Chester, our beagle/basset hound, and wanted some company for Gus, our little "mutt terrier". Gus loved big dogs, ignored little ones her size, so we set out to adopt a bigger dog. Although we had healthy, happy dogs for years, we couldn't adopt! We lived in a rowhouse and most rescues required a fenced in yard. I have very strong feelings about city dogs and what I see as a lethal requirement that only folks with fenced in yards can adopt a dog in need. But that's another story. We found Otto in an ad in the paper at a pet store that specialized in mixed breeds. He was a "boxer bull mastiff"'s how he turned out. When he was a puppy and people said he was a pitbull, I'd say "He's NOT a pitbull! He's a boxer/bull mastiff!"...but obviously, after 9 years, I've accepted him as he is!!! He's the best! He thinks the world was created to make friends with. I just hope whoever bought his brothers and sisters didn't reject them when they realized the unscrupulous pet store sold them a breed that needs very good parenting.

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Carole said...

Hi Robin! I just finished reading your blog and enjoyed it. You have a talent for writing and I think your blog is going to be of great interest to animal lovers, especially dogs! I hope Patti has seen it. I am going to send her the link.
Happy day

Jennifer Rose said...

He could be a cross, hard to say. He looks enough like other bull mastiff crosses that I have seen that he could be. I don't automatically scream pit bull when I see him, but I can see why other people might.

Unknown said...

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