Friday, August 22, 2008

The Beginning:
That's my dad and me. He and my wonderful, late mom loved me and encouraged me, pushed me and enjoyed me. And by example taught me how to be a wife and how to be a mom and how to interested in the world.
I'm not all quite sure why I'm doing this blog, except that I talk about my life and art a lot both in real life and on the net, and think this will be an interesting way to share my art with you, but to push me creatively as well. Plus, my friends have been encouraging me, they say it's so much fun, so let's give it a go!
I do have fun stories to share, thoughts about "second bloom" artists like myself, will do some demonstrations and even have some art for sale. If art and animals and creativity in later in life interests you, I'd love you join the conversation!


José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Hi Robin,

You're on the right track with your blog.
The writing style is quite pleasant to read and the association of art with news about animals is a happy marriage.
Your dad reminds of of an american actor, but can't recall which one. I guess it's from a series of the 80's that passed here in Portugal....Cheers maybe ?

Take care,


Robin said...
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Robin said...

Thank you, Jose! I think my dad looks like John Garfield...or did when they were both young. But that's like...40 years before the 80s!